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Overcoming challenges and meeting organizational goals.
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Support & Solutions to Overcome Challenges

At BCG our mission is to understand your organizations unique public management challenges and to provide you with the support, and solutions needed to overcome them. Whether the goal is to improve operations, to complete a successful executive transition, or to provide your team with extra bandwidth, we’re here to ensure you succeed.

Let us use our expertise in Public Administration, HR, and Finance to help achieve your organizational goals.


Helping You Meet the Goals of Your Organization



At BCG, we provide experienced support to public management teams on a project, fractional, and interim basis. Let us use our expertise to help you meet your goals, drive your team success, and fulfill your mission to the community.


What Clients Are Saying

“Stephanie quickly proved her worth by salvaging the City Community Development Block Grant Program that was in total disarray… She was able to bring the entire program back in line with State and Federal requirements… She has done an excellent job in all aspects… She is knowledgeable… and has been a pleasure to work with in completing these essential community services. ”

Ken Terrill, Retired Director of Housing | Redwood Community Action Agency