At BCG our mission is to understand your organizations unique financial challenges and to provide your team with the support and solutions needed to overcome them. Having both served and led finance teams throughout the spectrum of industry, I know firsthand that the world of executive finance is vast, and the ever-growing list of responsibilities are daunting.

CFO’s and Finance Directors are responsible for the oversight of daily accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, strategic planning, auditing, taxes, capital financing and budgeting, governmental reporting, board and committee reporting, internal controls, policies and procedures, providing guidance to staff and colleagues, and the list continues. Even well skilled CFO’s and their teams have difficulty keeping pace with growing obligations.

At BCG we are here to provide experienced financial management support on a project, fractional, or interim basis to help your team meet their obligations and succeed. We value the trusted partnership we have with our clients and we thank you for the privilege to serve your team.