At BCG our mission is to understand your organizations unique challenges and to provide your team with the support and solutions needed to overcome them. Having both served and led public management teams, we know firsthand that the world of public management is vast and rapidly evolving. The ever-growing list of responsibilities can be daunting and leaves even highly skilled teams in the difficult position of trying to keep pace with growing obligations, special projects, and staffing changes.

At BCG we’re here to provide experienced, practiced public management solutions tailored to meet the needs of your team. We value the trusted partnership we have with our clients and we thank you for the privilege to serve your team.


Improving Performance and Maintaining Departmental Operations Continuity

Beauchaine Consulting Group (BCG), LLC is a boutique consulting firm specializing in public sector management consulting. The company provides consulting solutions in areas of human resources, risk, labor relations, workplace investigations, finance, and accounting to governmental and non-profit clients throughout the State of California. Its full suite of tailored support services can be deployed as a full interim management solution or targeted to specific areas of need.

BCG stands out as highly effective to its clients for being a practitioner firm. Practitioners give BCG an edge as the previous years of operational experience provide an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by the clients on an operational level, with solutions that consider operations holistically.

“Whether the goal is to improve operations, to complete a successful executive staffing transition, to improve labor relations, or add extra bandwidth to the team, we’re here to ensure our clients succeed,” says Stephanie N. Beauchaine, managing member and principal consultant at BCG. “Our mission is to understand clients’ organizational challenges and provide the necessary support and solutions to overcome them.”

BCG’s services are tailored to meet specific client needs. Often the solution is providing interim management services; other times, the best choice is to provide fractional or project support. Its interim support works as a lifeline to public sector organizations struggling to operate in the face of critical vacancies and staffing transitions. BCG helps clients maintain continuity of key operational functions, meet critical deadlines, and provides ongoing technical support to clients in need.

“Quality and experienced public sector talent has become more difficult to recruit. Organizations are hiring green leaders, often from the private sector but with high aptitude,” says Aaron F. Slater, managing consultant at BCG. “BCG provides mentorship to upcoming and new leaders while at the same time helping steer the ship on a steady course.”

BCG acts as a lifeline for leadership in the major HR functions with special emphasis on employee & labor relations, negotiations, memorandum of understanding and collective bargaining agreement draft review, union relations repair, police & fire, defense of claims (grievance, employment practice appeals, CA Public Employment Relations Board), policy & personnel rules review and updating, external workplace investigations, as well as class & comp including payroll and FLSA compliance. For some clients, it answers compliance, strategy, and best practice questions as needed, and for others, it does the heavy lifting to augment staff.

BCG provided interim financial management support to a City in the Bay Area while recruiting for the posts of finance director, assistant finance director, and accounting manager. The department was distressed, causing concern throughout the organization about the reliability of the department’s function. BCG stabilized the operations, provided leadership and support to finance staff, identified critical deadlines, delegated projects, and transitioned operations to new management.

Whether the goal is to improve operations, to complete a successful executive staffing transition, to improve labor relations, or to add extra bandwidth to the team, we’re here to ensure our clients succeed

Here’s what Erik Upson, City Manager, City of Benicia had to say about BCG, “In August of 2020, I was asked by Council to step in as City Manager. The situation in our Finance Department was, to put it mildly, dire. On the brink of disaster might be an even better description. Without a great deal of finance experience, myself, I needed someone with a very special set of skills, knowledge, and leadership. I found that in Stephanie Beauchaine and the BCG team. Our community owes Stephanie.”

With extensive experience navigating complex and high profile challenges, BCG looks to bring the necessary expertise to sharpen the skills in the challenge areas while maintaining the ship’s consistent course in its strengths. BCG’s ability to focus on challenging areas allows for the desired support and solutions with maximum efficiency for the client’s scheduling needs.

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