“I interacted with Stephanie in my position as Chair of the city of Lincoln’s Airport Committee. As a (now-retired) consultant specializing in local government finance, I know quality work when I see it and Stephanie is first-class. She demonstrated the accounting skills to remedy errors in our financials and the communication skills to make it understandable to both the finance-oriented and non-finance oriented committee members. In conversations with other city staff and policy makers, these observations were universally supported.”

Richard Pearl Retired Municipal Finance Consultant, Airport Committee Chair

“Beauchaine Consulting Group (BCG) fulfilled critical needs for the City of Benicia as the Finance Department leadership transitioned during a period of distressed operation. Stephanie’s professionalism and adaptability in a changing environment were paramount to the successful transition. As the scope of services evolved the BCG team was expanded to meet the needs and proposed deadlines. The diverse experiences of Stephanie and Aaron Slater added significant value to strategic decision making while maintaining progress toward completing operational objectives. Beauchaine Consulting Group provided the right technical expertise, leadership, and vision when it was needed most.”

Jeff Tschudi Assistant Finance Director/City of Benicia

“Beauchaine Consulting Group (BCG) entered the City of Benicia at a time of extreme transition.

The City had experienced a void in executive leadership and had reached a point of operational stress.

The experience of BCG in technical operations and departmental leadership allwed the City to move forward in a meaningful way.

BCG effectively managed the blend of “stopping the operation bleeding” with creating systems and processes to move forward.

In July 2021, I was appointed Finance Director, coming from another agency, and BCG was able to quickly get me up to speed and assist in strategic decision making while moving to a more support based role as I hired my management team around me. BCG was a true partner in their work in supporting the City. I would contract with BCG anytime to address my technical and financial leadership needs.”

Bret Prebula Finance Director, City of Benicia

“In August of 2020 I was asked by Council to step in as City Manager. The situation in our Finance Department was, to put it mildly, dire. On the brink of disaster might be an even better description. Without a great deal of finance experience myself, I needed someone with a very special set of skills, Knowledge and leadership. I found that in Stephanie Beauchaine and the BCG team. I often describe the moment that I discovered her as that moment when the sun finally breaks through the clouds after a terrible storm. Our community owes Stephanie and her team a great debt of gratitude.”

Erik Upson City Manager, City of Benicia

“She created a comfort level in the running of the City that I had not experienced before she began working for us.”

Julie Woodall, Retired Mayor City of Rio Dell

“You are admired and respected by this treasurer.”

Gerald Harner, Treasurer City of Lincoln

“Stephanie has an amazing talent… She is an asset to whoever is fortunate enough to hire her.”

Justin Williams, Partner Mann, Urrutia, Nelson, CPAs & Associates, LLC www.muncpas.com

“Stephanie quickly proved her worth by salvaging the City Community Development Block Grant Program that was in total disarray… She was able to bring the entire program back in line with State and Federal requirements…

She has done an excellent job in all aspects… She is knowledgeable… and has been a pleasure to work with in completing these essential community services.”

Ken Terrill, Retired Director of Housing Redwood Community Action Agency www.rcaa.org

“I have found Stephanie to be a “big picture” planner, while having an excellent grasp on the nuts and bolts of implementation. I highly recommend her and the services she provides.”

Terry Patterson, CLU Patterson Conners Insurance Services www.pattersonconners.com